About Us

Introduction to PRS

PRS, Sichuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd., is a
professional engineering technology company established in 2003, providing anode & cathode plate for copper and zinc EW, and also we provide EPC service, including engineering and technical support, design consulting, equipment supply and onsite commissioning etc. in copper EW and zinc EW field with rich experience, with projects done in Zambia, Congo, Chile, Iran, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Mongolia etc.

Professional Design

Professional Design for your plant, based on your local conditions, productivity and budget by our senior engineers with rich experience.

Onsite Guidance

Onsite commissioning  and guidance available if in need or remote guidance.

Client Satisfaction

Customers use our anode and cathode plates and other equipment in their factories to produce qualified copper and zinc.

System Supply

Not only anode & cathode plates, we can supply the whole-process system equipment (Crushing → Ball Milling → Leaching → Extraction → Electrowinning) to you, including certificates required.

Business Scope and Main Advantages

The company has an experienced team of engineering and technical experts to provide customers with a full range of solution from crushing → ball milling → flotation → leaching → extraction → electrowinning.

Create Reasonable Planning and Start Professional Design

From small plant to big career, free consult


Technical Support and After-sales Service

Solution discussion for free, online technical meeting, 3D layout drawing, civil condition drawing, engineers on-site commissioning, CIF shipping if in need.

Work Together for Your Mines and Plant Now!

We Believe in Best Quality

High-tech patents, advanced production equipment and experienced workers escort high quality.

We Believe in Good Relation

From supplier-customer relationship to friendship, a good relationship can promote our cooperation, and we will do our best to support your business and provide high-quality and efficient services.

We Believe in Abilities

Rich experience in 20 years allows us to better understand customer requirements, which makes our designs and products more reliable, and our services can also satisfy customers.

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@anodeplate.com” or “@copperepc.com”